Assignment chain gaps

Apparently, the problem of title defects because of gaps in the chain of mortgage assignments has become so commonplace, that an entire business and even industry has been developed to correct them. This particular company markets towards foreclosure attorneys who are having difficulty navigating the court systems requirements for documented mortgage instrument ownership:

Our experience has proven that, perhaps due to the volume of foreclosures in progress, a large number of attorney requests do not match what is required when reviewing the actual recorded chain of title and unrecorded assignments in the collateral file. NTC can also prepare assignments from MERS to the foreclosing entity to satisfy the new trend in the industry.

It is an interesting business model, and an enterprising venture for the company who apparently recognize a growing market.

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One thought on “Assignment chain gaps

  1. To whom it may concer,

    I am looking for good professional local abstractors who have watched their business sink since the companies off-shore started showing up.

    We are looking for local abstractors who can physically attend the courthouse and perform quality work.

    We are interested in abstractors in the whole country.

    Please feel free to contact me.

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